Direct Primary & Behavioral Healthcare

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If you send me an email or a text asking for medication, I must have the following before the "send" button is clickable:

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Dear Patients,

The end of BCFP came sooner than I anticipated, and I was not able to find a suitable office space in time.  This is Family Medicine after all, so at least for now, I have set up my office in a room in my home.  Direct Primary & Behavioral Healthcare was born prematurely on the 4th of July, thanks to a few of you that have offered your help in getting things set up, for which I am extremely grateful. 

I looked into the prospect of continuing to bill insurance, but with the notice being less than two weeks, I will not be able to arrange for that.  I will move ahead with the practice as a direct primary care.  I will update this site in the near future with more pages to cover the different aspects of the new practice, but for now I will only briefly explain: I am going to charge only what is necessary to pay the minimalist overhead for supplies etc., and pay myself fairly.  I will get a cell phone dedicated to the practice and all of my patients will be able to call/text/email me directly to make appointments etc., as well as request medication refills and ask questions whenever needed.  I will have EKG and lab draws in-house, and I will see what other services and procedures will make sense once I know what the needs are of the patients in my panel.  I will also continue to use electronic prescribing, which will include Suboxone and all the other medications I have been filling for you in the past.  The policies for controlled substances will be pretty similar, but if there are any changes, they will be less cumbersome.  The price for these services is a monthly subscription of $150 per adult, $250 for a couple, and children can be added for $50 each.  These rates are intended to build in some breathing room as I am getting started, but they are subject to change.  If it turns out that the expenses are less than anticipated, I will credit the amount to the next year or refund it.  A few of you have already signed on and paid for the year in advance.  Some practices using this model make that a requirement, but I do not want to make things any more difficult for my patients than I absolutely must.  Anyone who wants to sign up can do so for any number of months they wish, and this will help me to get things off the ground, so I greatly appreciate those of you who decide to do so.  For now, if you have Zelle, you can send the fee to the email address that was sent out before BCFP closed, or you can bring a check to the first visit.  

I will be collecting insurance information for the purposes of laboratory testing only.  The lab will be the same one, Medscan, and the phlebotomist has decided to come with me, so you will be able to get the same level of in-depth testing without having to worry about getting a bill.  I will work with the local imaging centers as well, and if there are bills that come with that, I will work to arrange imaging at a reduced cost for cash pay.

-E Garrett Pratt MD